Wednesday, April 13, 2016

hello world. again

it has been a while.

this new interface is so microsoft word.... 97. HAHAHAHAHAHA

things have changed. alot.

reading up my past posts.... well dun knoe what to say... except wondering... WHO THE FUK IS SHE????

din know what made me come back, but something funny happened at the shop today. and i wanted to write it down.

in fact, it happened before already.

what should you do when the dog likes you / behave better in front of your customer???

it was an awkward situation when doggy behaves like a perfect little angel, belly up asking for a rub..... ignoring the owners completely.

"OMG! I always wanted him to do that!" "He REALLY LIKES you!!!!" "WHY cant he do that at home ? " " WHY does he always  bite me when i try to pet him?" etc etc.

what i really wanted to say was :

"I DONT KNOW!!!!! ,erm... maybe you guys spoil him too much ? " "You guys should be consistent in your discipline ? " "Stop projecting your emotions of your past doggy to this new boy?"

well, watson, this is totally explainable.

different environment, different reaction.
different approach, different outcome.
different emotion, different action.

my only concern is to my doggy boy.

may you be not such a bully at home.may you be a well balanced being at home like when u are with me. may you let go of your past and let me shave your ears.

thank you for trusting me n coming into my heart cave.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

keep passing open windows

do i even know how to close it ?

i can only keep passing open windows.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

so prettttyyyyyy

it was pretty first night here at the house.
(i reallly no like her name.....)

ex owners brought her her last night. interaction with whisky was still ok.
she only snapped at whisky twice when he tried to bite her ears or got too close.

so sad when ex mommy said goodbye. can understand her feeling... giving away her baby...


she couldnt really sleep last night. was pacing around in the room. she also farted alot. she fart like a human. got ppppuuuuutttpuuuut sound somemore.... and i suspected that she needed to go pangsai...

woke up to comfort her at 5am.... and sure enough....
she took a HUGE dump outside my bedroom...... i shall forgive her for now. if next time she did in the house again, she gonna get it.

will take her sometime to get used to the new place.

my whisky is soo cute with her. i think he still dont really noe how to get around with other dog... so he just followed her around, trying to do whatever she does... like going for the same toy, trying his luck to sniff her more....

lets see how she do for the 2nd day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

doggy day care 1

" Today is Whisky's first day in daycare. he was a little dominance and mark area at several places. in the morning, whisky went for a swim. at first he hesident going into the water. after much encouragement, he finally went into the pool. whisky swam very well but he seems not that fond of swimming. in the afternoon, whisky tried to hump another dog. Humping is a way to show their dominance. but it will also lead to a fight if the other dog is not submissive. whisky was corrected a few times before he stop following the dog."

above was the exact comment that the doggy day care gave.

he was alone when i peered through the window. sitting all alone at one corner, staring at the other corner where all the other doggies were. they were playing and having a good time ..... he looked so alone.... sigh...

hope he liked it. gonna bring him there next week.


move house
open shop
new dog (maybe 2 ? )
quit smoking ?

gonna be a busy year.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


"Fish is the leg of the team,
Nai is the arm,
Me, the body and
Saw is the heart of the team.

You are just a dead toenail.

Ghanis - Biggest Loser Asia 2 "

THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNNNNNY. Luv that guy. no wonder he got selected.

Monday, May 31, 2010

1st day

i am dog tired.

today was the first day of the pet grooming course.

well, nothing much..... standing around, observing what the others were doing, playing with the dog...

the real work done was - bathing and blow-drying 4 dogs...
-1 skin prob shitzu
- 1 baby poodle
- 1 maltease
- 1 cock spaniel

tats all.

i don know how many more days before i can go beyond bathing and blow-drying.

sheesh. so glad i gonna have the day off tomorrow.

later. zzzzzz

Sunday, May 30, 2010

for you



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

just when i needed the most

pino had been talking about it. saying that his new client B was very appreciative of his assistance, and he had planned a surprise for us.

he did not disclose ANY details prior to the trip. NOTHING. just saying that - ok. bring your passports, swimwear, suntan lotion and a good book. dun even need to bring any money...

of coz pino and i were skeptical. VERY skeptical about the whole thing. he din know much about this guy yet, and din knoe if he wanted to kidnap us.... like - dug out his eyes, and cut off his legs and force him to beg, and for me - sell me to the sex trade or something.... but of coz, he is a reallly nice and funnny guy.

but as the weekend drew near, B disclosed something more - saying is that is a beach resort, and it would be a nice relax trip for us.. and so, we decided to be spontaneous and be open minded out it.

so after a last minute packing, and giving the last hug to my baby ( leaving him was hard, but i think he liked to be with the other doggies and having the freedom to pee and poop anywhere he liked)

we reached the airport, and it was then B showed us the brochure of the place we going.

Soneva Kiri.

a last minute phonecall to cuz, and it was funny. at first she was worried, but after googling the place, she wanted me to pack her in as well.. ekekekekekkeekke. yes. i was really excited about the trip as well.

so we boarded the plane to BBK. we had a 4 hour window till our next charter to the island. so, B took us to the city ( quite a crazy move when all the hoohaa was happening in the city ) to meetup with gf H. we went to the penisula hotel for lunch. All was good until the ride back to the airport.

we were stuck in the jam for 2 hours. TWO frigging hours....
perhaps in the first place we shouldnt go the city at all, knowing that how bad the traffic can be, plus the situation in bbk right now was bad... but helll..... so what happened ?

we missed the plane to the resort. by 15 mins.
resort had got a no-fly rule at night ( coz no lights at airstrip, so pilot cannot see and dun knoe where to land ). . . .

no choice. we gotta stay one night in bbk. so we were putup at this surprisingly good hotel - amaranth. (we were told it was 3 *, but it was much better than tat)

we woke up nice and early to NOT miss anything.


pino kinda freaked out when he saw the plane. its small!!! its only a 8 seater plane!!!! and is owned by the resort.

it was all smoooth flying. took about 1 hour to reach the resort. when we reached, the buggy wa waiting for us to bring us to the jetty.

what greeted us was something out from a postcard.
everything was first class. the staff was ever so attentive and smiley and nice ( which made me kinda sad of what's happening to bbk right now. they really are such gentle folks!!! )

we got a female Friday assigned to us ( is like butler, but they call it Friday ), and she took us to our assigned villa. we got the beach villa, whereby B n gf got the hill one.
each has got their own buggy and bikes

it's really something that u can watch from travel guide shows.


the villa - - - - - oh boy.


everything about it is luxury.


complimentary champagne. Chilled and the whole bottle. it was paradise.

after that we were given a quick tour of the whole place.

we were shown the private residences. something much BIGGER than our own villa. the biggest in the resort was a 6-room villa, with complete full facilities. satellite, kitchen, GYM, water slide... it cost a whoopping 16 mil usd.

in the resort, they have their own outdoor cinema ( really cooool . no pic - coz during daytime, it looked like a hideous firing range. But when nightfalls, when the projector is up, it is reallly magical. we watched romantic oldie - american in paris there where they serve free flow of popcorn)

their own observatory. YES.
we din get to go coz it was unluckily cloudy nights...

their own private beach -not the yucky ones we have at the villa but with crystal clear water and comfy swinging lounge beds

chocolate and ice-cream room.

library, game room, children's den, blah blah blah.

wat is best that is is so exclusive. we hardly see any other patrons around. in fact, we see more staff than guest.

nothing beats the villa. sigh.
we spent the next 2 days lazing around at the beach and pool, spa, and eat. eat eat eat.

food is top notch. everything on menu min. is 300 bht and above for starters. and they are those chi-chi type of food.

dun have the normal thai noodle soup ( i was looking forward so much to that .....)

for breakfast - they have eggs station, sausage station, fruits station, juice station, and best of all, COLD CUT station. smoked salmon, salami, parma ham, olives, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, and more.... what's missing is the free flow champagne for breakfast. sigh.... i could have these all day and night. just gimme my wine to go with those.


this has been a reallllly great great holiday. especially when we hardly pay for anything at all.

i wonder if there's any chance to visit their maldives branch.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

chicago sucks...

the chicago musical wasnt as fantastic as i had expected.

what a disappointment....

but the drinks and the company were great!!!!

cuz is such a bore. she is. period. wat happen to the crazy one that we knew ?

had so much drinks, and had a blast with orgu.

i was drunk by the time we reached karaoke....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

house of ticks

ahhh, having a dog brings more joy than u can ever imagine

and of course..... it also brings alot of ...... other inconvenience.

like -
braving the hot sun to bring him out for his walks,
cursing the weather when you cant bring him out for his walks,
sacrificing your social time with your friends,
but the worst part is the emotional and mental stress - like his health la, whether he bored at home la, blah blah blah...

recently encountered one of the worst.....


dun knoe where he get those blooody suckers from, but cant seem to get rid of them!!!!!


me and pino could be picking those vampires for the whole day, then the next day, same amount of those fuckers can be found on him.....

got so bad that we found them on our bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. thankfully not the swarm that i had imagined, but we did find like 7 or 8 of them under the sheets, and those fukers were PLUMP......


me and him was up till 3 in the morning to check and make sure that all covers and bedding were free from the parasites... changed EVERYTHING. and i am so tempted to go BURN EVERYTHING....

stresss. dun knoe what to do next but to maybe try to poison ourselves with anti-parasites spray and hope that they DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

Thursday, April 22, 2010

mad in love

with this song

where are the cows ?

ah pew said,

all guys play farmer.

but as long as u dun bring the cow home, its ok.

fuk him.

but, is that the reality ?

fuk that.

Friday, March 05, 2010

this friday felt like a thursday

i have lost tracked of time.....

tot today was a thursday....

how did time pass so fast ?

especially when i was doing nothing at all.

this week had not been so bad.

other than waking up to a swollen knee, movement being restricted, pino got me a brand new game to distract myself with.

played the whole time, till i scared that my eye gonna crossed, or go back to specky days...
being cooped up at home the whole week, and slowly and surely being drifted apart from reality....

it's SCARY!!!!!!

and there's also the eminent qn of what am i going to do for a living....

there's 2 options now.
which path am i going to take ?

shall i stay on , or go to the dark side.

may the force be with me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the new high

hehehehehe, i think i become so lyrical and chim when i get drunk.

am proud of my last melancholy post.

it was kinda interesting to observe that verbal diarrhea occurs when drunk. ever so eager to share the drunk wisdom to anybody talking back. it is the new high.

last time, when our bodies are still strong and nubile, we channeled the alcohol energy to lancing all night long.

now, our bodies are weak... at least mine is... jik tio my back when tried to pick dufus up one day. was in agony for the next 4 days.... pain was so bad that it gave me a somehow valid excuse to pick up the wonder stick for some pain relief.... sigh... din expect it to be so hard....

back to the new level of high. now, instead of lancing, we talk. trying to talk senseless into sense. and the more we talk, the more we drink. blah blah blah blah, sometimes, i dont even know what i was talking about... but surprisingly some of it turned out to be pretty impressive insights....

kinda fun....